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Artistic Committee Conductors 2017-2018

Part of the Artistic Committee, the Managers, Musical Directors and Conductors are responsible for running the individual ensembles.


Chris Cook

Hi, I’m Chris, I’m the conductor for Mussoc’s String orchestra and Barbershop ensemble this year. I am a third-year music student and I play the piano, violin and I sing, alongside being a keen composer. I have been a member of Mussoc since the beginning of first year and have been involved with Viva Voce and the Barbershop ensemble. If anyone is interested in getting something they have written performed by either the String orchestra or Barbershop ensemble, or have any questions about each ensemble, please don’t hesitate to get in contact!


Henry Chappell

Hi, my name is Henry, and I am the joint conductor for Coro Sorelle this year. I am a second year music student, with my main instrument being singing, although I also play the saxophone and piano, as well as being a keen composer. This will have been my second year in Mussoc, being a member of Viva Voce last year. I also participate in many other choirs/music groups in Nottingham, so feel free to contact me if you have any questions about either Coro Sorelle, Mussoc or music in general in Nottingham


Zoe Nendick

Hi I’m Zoe, and I’m co-conducting Coro Sorelle this year, which is our unauditioned upper voices choir. I’m a second year music student and I study singing. I’ve really enjoyed being part of Mussoc by singing with Coro Sorelle and Viva Voce in my first year. I sing in a lot of choirs in Nottingham and I’m excited to conduct as well this year. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions about choirs in or outside of Nottingham!


Matt Herbert

Hey there, my name’s Matt and I’m a third year music student. I am delighted to be conducting Sinfonia this year as well as being Blowsoc’s Moonlighters Big Band Musical Director and Wind Orchestra Assistant Conductor for the second year running. Last year I had the pleasure of conducting Blowsoc’s Saxophone Ensemble and the “Monster” Wind Band on their annual tour. I am predominantly a pianist but you could also find me behind various woodwind and percussion instruments as well as waving my hands about in front of a pit band. Although I have not played in an orchestra before, I am looking forward to expanding my conducting repertoire and knowledge to orchestral music as well as trying new styles of music with Sinfonia.


Siân Jenkins

Hi! I’m Siân, and I’m one of the Sinfonia Conductors this year. I’m a third year music student and viola playing enthusiast. I had the pleasure of co-managing Sinfonia two years ago, so I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of artistic planning, and am excited about the repertoire I’ve selected with the Sinfonia team for this year. Last year, I was lucky enough to have conducted Mussoc’s String Orchestra as well as conducting on our tour to Prague. I was also one of the University Philharmonia assistant conductors. I’ve loved taking on all the orchestral opportunities on offer whilst at University and am thrilled to be conducting some fantastic music within the friendly atmosphere of Sinfonia this year!


Katie Temple

Hi! I’m Katie, the President of MusSoc for this year. I am a third-year Music student and first-study singer. Throughout my time at UoN, I have been involved in several MusSoc ensembles, singing in Viva Voce, conducting Coro Sorelle in my second year, and participating in the Chamber Music Programme. In addition to being President of MusSoc this year, I am also this year’s Viva Voce conductor. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll be happy to help!

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