Mussoc hosts many concerts throughout the year, with our award-winning lunch time concert series featuring 2 concerts per week and Mussoc ensembles with individual public concerts.


Mussoc holds a range of socials throughout the year for all of its ensembles as well as shared events with Blowsoc. Our aim for these is to allow members within the society to get to know each other outside of rehearsals. 


We have an Event Calendar which is updated with all of Mussoc's latest concerts and events.

Lunch Time Concert Series


Mussoc's award-winning lunchtime concert series features two concerts per week. These concerts allow our variety of ensembles to perform their latest works. Entrance is free and everyone is welcome.

These concerts also raise money for a range of local charities such as Working in Tandem and The Firebird Trust.

Annual Tour

Tour 2017-2018 to Prague

Mussoc is going to Prague, Czech Republic!


6th-13thth April 2018




Any questions, come and talk to me or email me at:


Sign ups will be open soon! Find out more on our Facebook page

Tour 2016-2017 to Cologne

Mussoc is going to Cologne, Germany!


20th-25th April 2017 (3rd week of Easter)




Any questions, come and talk to me or email me at:


Sign ups will be open soon! Find out more on our Facebook page

Tour 2015-2016 to Vienna

Mussoc is going to 🇦🇹  VIENNA 🇦🇹

3rd-9th April (3rd week of Easter)


Any questions, come and talk to me or email me at:

Sign ups will be open soon! Find out more on our Facebook page

Tour 2014-2015 to Paris

This years Mussoc Tour has been revealed, brush up your French we are going to Paris!


For only £348 you will receive Transport & Accomodation along with performances in some amazing venues!


If you have any questions be sure to email our Tour Manager, Iona Hampson, or get regular updates on Facebook

Tour 2013-2014 to Barcelona

This year Mussoc is going on tour to Barcelona!


We performed in Forc Pienc Hall, Girona Cathedral and Barcelona Cathedral whilst having time to explore the wonderful city of Barcelona. Everyone performed amazingly and you can view some of our performances on our YouTube Channel.


A thank you to all conductors and managers who worked hard to bring the music together and a huge thank to Stephanie Jenkins who did a spectacular job organising this fantastic tour!



Youtube clips from this Tour

Tour 2012-2013 to Belgium & Netherlands

Mussoc is off to the beautiful countries of Belgium and Holland in 2013!


Visiting beautiful cities such as Ghent, Oostende, Ypres, Nieuwpoort, Anthwerp, Bruges and Amsterdam, you will have the opportunity to both sightsee and perform in amazing venues across the region.


Everyone is welcome to join the Tour Orchestra or Tour Choir for an amazing fun packed week!


Tuesday 16th April - Sunday 21st April, all for just £315!

Mussoc tour is the way forward.

Tour 2011-2012 to Prague

Mussoc's Tour to Prague will be happening from the 23rd-29th April 2012.


We're very excited about tour, so for £315 what will you be getting?


In Prague we will be performing in three concerts with Tour Orchestra and Tour Choir.


Aside from concerts we will have plenty of time for sightseeing in the Czech capital; Prague Castle, the Golden Lane and Wenceslas Square for example.

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Mussoc is very proud to have a football and a netball team. In 2013, the football team won the second IMS league!


Practises take place once a week with matches against other society teams taking place on Sundays. Please contact the Sports Secretary for more information about how to get involved.

Check the Facebook groups for details about how to get involved, new players are always welcome!


Concert Brochure

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