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Executive Committee 2017-2018

The Mussoc Executive Committee consists of 8 elected members and is responsible for running the society.


Katie Temple

Hi! I’m Katie, the President of MusSoc for this year. I am a third-year Music student and first-study singer. Throughout my time at UoN, I have been involved in several MusSoc ensembles, singing in Viva Voce, conducting Coro Sorelle in my second year, and participating in the Chamber Music Programme. In addition to being President of MusSoc this year, I am also this year’s Viva Voce conductor. As President, I am responsible for the overall running of the society and ensuring that all members have a great time being part of MusSoc. There are many ensembles and activities to get involved in, whatever your instrument and ability. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll be happy to help!


Dan Boucher

Hi, my name is Dan and I’m the Vice-President of Mussoc this year! I’m a third-year music student here at the University of Nottingham, and I regularly play the violin both in and out of university. I have been an active member of Sinfonia and String Orchestra, and I have also enjoyed playing in University Philharmonia. As the Vice-President of Mussoc, I work with all the ensemble managers and conductors to help put on our concerts throughout the year. Part of my role is also organising welcome week and auditions, so if you have any questions about how you can start to get involved in Mussoc, feel free to ask me!


Aabha Khetarpal

Hello fellow and future Mussocers! I’m Aabha, I’m a third year maths student and (true to form) have chosen the job of juggling the numbers this year! I was a bit late to the party, joining Mussoc after Refreshers in my first year, so let that be your reassurance that it is not too late to join in! Since then I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing violin in the String Orchestra and singing in Coro Sorelle, as well as going on our fantastic tour to Prague last year. Whatever time of year you’re reading this, please don’t hesitate to drop one of us a message to ask any questions about our ensembles or events!


Georgina Pittman

Hello! I’m Georgina, your current General Secretary. I’m a third year English student with a long-term love of music. I sing in Mussoc’s Coro Sorelle and play clarinet in Blowsoc’s Concert Band. I also play piano in my spare time and enjoy listening to a wide variety of music. As Gen Sec, my role mostly involves organising our Lunchtime Concerts (LTCs) but if you have any general queries about our society, please feel free to send me an email or a message on Facebook. I look forward to seeing what the year ahead brings for Mussoc!


Amber Frost

Hey guys! I’m Amber and I’m the Social Secretary for MusSoc this year. I’m a second year music student, and I'm a triangle playing cellist. I’ve been part of Mussoc since the beginning of first year and have been involved in Sinfonia and String Orchestra. My role involves making sure people are having a great time within the society. I organise all of the big socials, such as bar crawls and balls, as well as helping out with the ensembles smaller socials. If you have any questions, or any ideas for socials please get in touch with me! I'd love to hear from you all.


Kate Price

Hi, I’m Kate, I’m publicity and marketing officer for Mussoc this year. I’m a second year music student, I mainly sing but also play the saxophone. I’ve been part of Mussoc since the start of first year and have been involved in Viva Voce and the Chamber Music Programme. My role involves welcoming people into the society and advertising all our concerts and events. If you have any questions about Mussoc or our events throughout the year, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Devon Bonelli

Hey! I’m Devon, and I’m this year’s Tour Manager. I’m a third year Music and Philosophy student from America. My main instrument is violin, but I’ve been known to pick up a few others! I’m in several of the ensembles with MusSoc and was also Tour Manager for last year's trip to Prague. My job this year is to make sure that everyone has an enjoyable time on tour, so if you need anything, feel free to reach out!


Harry McDonald

Hi, I'm Harry, I am this year's Sports and Kit Sec. I am a third year Biochemistry and Biological Chemistry Student and play the french horn for both Sinfonia and Philharmonia. I will be organising traning and match days for our IMS teams as well as one-off engage sessions with other sport societies and intra-mussoc tournaments. Please feel free to message me if you are interested in any specific sports or mussoc related clothing

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Past Mussoc executive committee members


Helen Kuby


Rebecca Sarginson


Alice Warwick


Rebecca Rimmington


Emily Little


Hannah Asbury


Devon Bonelli


Anna McGuire

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Ben McCullough

Vice President

Amy Summers

Tour Manager

Amy Howe

Publicity & Marketing Officer

Florence Whalley


Emma Gault

Sports Officer

Rachel Johnson

General Secretary

Amy Wicke

Social Secretary

Kayleigh Kennedy

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