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Artistic Committee 2017-2018

Part of the Artistic Committee, the Managers, Musical Directors and Conductors are responsible for running the individual ensembles.


Adam Ewers

Hello there! I’m a 3rd Year music student who sings and plays guitar. This year I’ll be managing the best unauditioned male choir in the University, Barbershop Ensemble! My role involves organising weekly rehearsals, arranging concerts (including collaborations with Viva Voce, Coro Sorelle and Sinfonia), helping to choose Barbershop's repertoire with our brilliant conductors and, most importantly, making sure that rehearsals are as relaxed and engaging as possible. Our complete repertoire is expansive and ranges from 50's doo-wop to classical. Are you interested in joining Barbershop? Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!


Nicholas Ong

Hi, I'm Nicholas, Manager of Mussoc's Chamber Music Programme (CMP). I am a second-year music student. I play the trumpet in Sinfonia and sing tenor in Viva Voce. I was also part of a vocal quintet under the CMP in the past year. I enjoy the collaborative aspect of chamber music that does not diminish the significance of any one member. I hope to share the joy of chamber music through its preparation and performance. Do get in touch if you're interested in getting involved! 


Jaya Prabhakar

Hi, I'm Jaya and I'm the manager of Coro Sorelle this year. I'm a third year English student but I've always been involved in music, mainly through singing and (questionably) playing the piano. I joined Mussoc last year as part of Viva Voce and Coro Sorelle. My role as manager includes; organising repertoire for the choir, arranging concerts and socials, and welcoming women who enjoy singing to our choir. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about the choir and please don't hesitate to come along and join in!


Amber Frost

Hey guys! I’m Amber and I’m one of the managers for Mussoc Jazz this year. I’m a second year music student, and I'm a triangle playing cellist. I’ve been part of Mussoc since the beginning of first year and have been involved in Sinfonia and String Orchestra. . I’m excited to be MD for Mussoc Jazz this year with Kate, I help chose our repertoire and run rehearsals and concerts If you have any questions, or any ideas for socials please get in touch with me! I'd love to hear from you all.


Kate Price

Hi, I’m Kate, I’m a second year music student, I mainly sing but also play the saxophone. I’ve been part of Mussoc since the start of first year and have been involved in Viva Voce and the Chamber Music Programme. I’m excited to be MD for Mussoc Jazz this year with Amber, I help chose our repertoire and run rehearsals and concerts. If you have any questions about MJ or our events throughout the year, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Jean Cartwright

Hey! I’m Jean Clara and I’m the manager of the Opera Project. I’m currently a third year music student and first study singer, but also play the piano and violin as well. My role is to make sure everything runs smoothly from booking rehearsal space to sourcing programme material. I hope to see as many people involved as possible and if you have any questions or inquiries feel free to get in touch!


Devon Bonelli

Hey! I’m Devon, and I’m this year’s Musical Director for the Opera Project. I’m a third year Music and Philosophy student from America, and one of my biggest passions is operatic performance! I’m in several of the ensembles with MusSoc, including strings and Sinfonia, and am also Tour Manager for this year's trip. I cannot wait to put on MusSoc's Opera this year, and I am looking for people just as passionate as me! If you're interested, feel free to reach out.


Catherine Dennison

Hello I’m Catherine and I’m Sinfonia concerts manager for this year. My role as concerts manager includes ordering music, being on the audition panel and organising the logistics of the concerts. I’m a second year music student, l’m primarily a flute player but I also play the piano and sing. I’ve been part of Mussoc since the beginning of first year as a member of Sinfonia. I am also a member of Blowsoc’s concert band and flute ensemble. I’ve had a great first year getting involved in Sinfonia and various other ensembles and I look forward to welcoming new faces


Brad Tai

Hey I’m Brad, I’m sinfonia personnel manager and percussion manager for Mussoc and Blowsoc this academic year. I am a first study percussionist, but also play piano, clarinet and a bit of guitar on the side. I have been involved in many ensembles in my first year in nottingham for example the prestigious philharmonia and sinfonia orchestra and wind orchestra. My role as sinfonia personnel manager involves mainly organising rehearsal schedules, making sure we have a consistent high attendance rate. If you have any questions regarding what I do or about any ensembles, please feel free to get in contact with me!


Rachel Woolmer

Hello, I'm Rachel and I am a second year music student. This year I will be the manager of Mussoc's String Orchestra and am very excited to take on the role of managing such a lovely ensemble! I have absolutely loved playing my violin in String Orchestra, Sinfonia and Philharmonia this past year and am really looking forward to welcoming this year's freshers into the wonderful and friendly community that Mussoc is!


Georgia Cannon

Hi, I’m Georgia and I’m the manager for Viva Voce this year! I’m a third year music student with my first study being voice, but I also play the trumpet and flugelhorn. As well as Viva I’m also involved in Mussoc’s unauditioned female choir Coro Sorelle and the Chamber Music Project. Viva Voce is Mussoc’s auditioned SATB chamber choir. We perform a variety of repertoire ranging from early music to modern day popular songs. My role involves organising concerts and socials for the choir as well as all the admin work such as ordering music and sitting on the audition panel. We rehearse every week on Wednesday’s from 1-3pm and auditions take place during the first two weeks of term in the autumn semester. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me

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